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Attorneys, paralegals and Admin Assistants please register your contact information in order to receive your Unique ID Number.  You only have to do this once.
This ID number is required in order to use all of the submission forms below.


Single, mobile-friendly page with pop-up links to all online federal, state, and Buncombe/ Asheville law, including statutes, cases, regulations, and local ordinances.  Page also includes links to current inmate status for various facilities in WNC and includes links to DAC and the Federal Bureau of Prisons.
Up-to-date Judge schedules and other important dates.  Superior Court Judge assignments are updated when commissions come in, and District Court Judge assignments are updated each Wednesday for the following week.
Direct Links to Superior and District Court Calendars published by the Administrative Office of the Courts
Type a quick scheduling message to be delivered in real time to one or more Superior or District Court courtrooms where you have clients waiting.  MOBILE FRIENDLY
GET AN NC DRIVING RECORD -- CJLEADS is a program that draws data directly from NCDMV and reproduces the North Carolina Driving Record for an individual.  Submit a request for someone you represent and we will email you a PDF of this record.
Please note that the record will come in as an attachment to an email in ZIP file format.  When you double-click on that attached file, it unzips and opens a folder containing the PDF that you can then save or print.
PICK YOUR NEW COURT DATE FOR ADMIN COURT CASES.  Submit a request using the appropriate form and we will set the matter on the day and in the court you request.
PLEASE SUBMIT THESE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE AND YOU WILL RECEIVE AN EMAIL RESPONSE APPROVING THE REQUEST RIGHT AWAY.   You don't have to wait for the day of Admin Court any more.  Our goal is to reset them before they get hit the court calendar to save resources.
Get a Speeding Ticket under 90 mph reduced at a flat rate for attorney requests:  
Reduce to 9 over:  $10 plus costs
Reduce to I.E.:  $25 plus costs (costs include that extra $50)
When you submit this form, you select your option and then you receive AN EMAIL ATTACHMENT AUTHORIZING THE REDUCTION THAT YOU OR THE CLIENT CAN PRINT AND TAKE TO THE CLERK TO PAY.
FOR CLIENTS IN CUSTODY- Put in a request to have an ADA with authority to make felony and misdemeanor plea offers immediately review the case.  There is a place in the form where you can suggest a proposed resolution.  If appropriate for an offer, an ADA should email you a PDF Plea Transcript Form with the State's offer filled in.
Please note that this is only a substitution for filling out the paper form and carrying it over- we have the option to consent, but even if we consent you must have the permission of the presiding Judge to excuse your client.
You will receive an email attachment copy of the MTC indicating our consent that you can then take to the Judge in advance to obtain permission to excuse your client.
SERVE US WITH SOMETHING -- you can upload a PDF of a file-stamped document and we will accept service under the Rules.
Request a Dashcam/ Bodycam APD Video for a case:
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