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Investing in the Community

District Attorney Todd Williams strongly believes that citizens should be educated about the court system and the dangers that could lead one there.  For this reason, he or someone he designates will come to your school or your charity's facility to speak about certain topics strictly for educational purposes.  Examples of topics for school and charity projects or events include the court system generally, the dangers of drugs and other negative behavior in the schools, and traffic safety.
Because Mr. Williams is the elected District Attorney and therefore subject to certain rules, he cannot attend or speak at any functions other than those sponsored by the school system or a local community non-profit charity.

Providing Access and Transparency

Want to know something interesting?  If you get charged with a violation of the law, the law enforcement officer writes the North Carolina General Statute number you're alleged to have violated right on the ticket.  
District Attorney Todd Williams believes that if you are charged with an offense, you should also have an easy way to read the actual law for yourself.  Knowledge of the process and the public law is an important part of maintaining transparency between the citizen and the government.
For this reason, the District Attorney provides a free Legal Research page that is open to the public where you can look up the actual statute describing the criminal offense as well as any other federal, state, or local source of law.  The page is mobile-friendly for cell phone access.  There are also links to online guides and other resources for different types of legal issues.  To access the NC Crimlaw Links page, click on the button below.
We have collected a number of links providing for transparency and public access to other resources as well.  Click on one of the other below to access online information and services:

Removing Barriers to Employment and Education

District Attorney Todd Williams believes that a healthy, vibrant community is best served when its citizens enjoy unrestricted access to employment and education. 
In the criminal justice system, people who make mistakes and get charged with a misdemeanor, non-violent offense for the first time can suffer long-lasting repercussions depending on how they choose to handle the matter.  Some unknowingly plead guilty and later cannot get into a good school or get a job they really want because of the conviction.  Some opt for community service to get a dismissal only to later find out that the charge still appears on their record even though it was dismissed.
The District Attorney has made a policy decision that minor, non-violent misdemeanor charges or convictions should be handled in a way that allows the offender to receive appropriate sanctions for the offense but do not leave a permanent mark on the offender's record that could stand in the way of future employment and education.  This is especially true since most of the offenders in this category are young people.
For these reasons, the District Attorney offers a number of resources to ensure appropriate sanctions without the permanent record that normally goes along with it.
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