Equity statement

The Buncombe County District Attorney's Office envisions a community where success, well-being, safety, and justice are not predetermined by socio-economic status and/or race. We prioritize justice, public safety, and equity. We acknowledge a past history of racial and socio-economic inequity that has harmed our community.  As prosecutors, we are working toward our vision by committing to exercise prosecutorial discretion based on objective facts and further pledge to consciously strive to eliminate and eradicate others forms of racism and implicit bias in our work.

We are committed to this statement and are working toward the following:

  • reducing the impact of old thinking and policies that create socio-economic disparities in our criminal justice system;

  • reducing racial and ethnic disparities in our local jail while we strive to maintain public safety;

  • ensuring broad non-discriminatory access and referral opportunities in appropriate cases for the disenfranchised and disadvantaged into criminal justice diversionary programs offered in Buncombe County;

  • creating new opportunities and programming to ensure more charged with crimes have access to recovery, job training, and a path to productive citizenship.