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Resources and Services

It is always your responsibility to know when you must appear in court.  If you have an attorney, contact your attorney for information about your case and when you need to come to court.    



Services for Victims:

Victim question submission form.

Victim request for phone conference link.

Summary of Victim's Rights in North Carolina.

Traffic Court Services:

Online Traffic Citation services: here you may find online options including paying a ticket or possibly requesting reduction, compliance or dismissal.

Request to Continue your Traffic Ticket to a new Date.

Traffic Citation Document Upload Portal (for example vehicle registration, vehicle inspection, proof of insurance, and insurance claim paid letter)

Custody Information:

Find out if an offender is in Buncombe Detention.

Find out if an offender is in a North Carolina Prison.

Find out if an offender is in the Federal Prison system.


I am a First Offender and would like information about Diversion programs.

I do not have a lawyer and have a question about my case.

If your case is set in Superior Court, please contact your lawyer for further information or the Buncombe County Clerk of Superior Court at 828/259-3400.

If these links do not address your concern or you are a witness subpoenaed to testify for the State, you may call the District Attorney's Office for information at 828/259-3410 Monday thru Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.  

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