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Crime Victim Online Services
The following services are for CRIME VICTIMS ONLY.  If you are the person charged, we CANNOT speak with you about your case outside of court.  The defendant MUST appear in court where we will speak to you directly, and if you have an attorney they can communicate with our office on your behalf.
District Attorney Todd Williams promised crime victims that, if elected, he would make their concerns a priority.  Since his election as District Attorney in 2015, Mr. Williams has partnered with Buncombe County, law enforcement, and public service agencies to establish the Buncombe County Family Justice Center.
The Family Justice Center is among the first in North Carolina and is designed to connect all of the partner agencies with the victims of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault.  The Center provides valuable resources and support for victims of these offenses.  Although still in its first two years of operation, the Center has already won numerous awards and has been asked to conduct training for other jurisdictions and serve as a model. Mr. Williams counts the establishment of the Center as one of his proudest accomplishments in his first term.
Now Mr. Williams is pleased to provide a number of Online Services for the victims of crime in Buncombe County.  Please select one of the options below to proceed:
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